Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End Of The Year 2009

Just us~smile!!

It's 31.12.09
Last day of 2009
Had a small gathering with my "granddaughter",Annie
also Pui Yee
at Won Cafe

This time I get to drive to the streets
Daddy finally gave the permission for me to drive alone
But I am not alone actually
I went to Annie's house to fetch her

Here's the driver!!!YooHoo!!

It was a hot and stuffy day
The sun just won't tolerate
After parked my car , we quickly seek for shelter
We arrived first and waited for Pui Yee.
It had been so long since we last met
I do misses them badly
We had changed
but still best friends.
I won't forget the days back to secondary schools,
that you seat beside me and sing Angela's song to me...

Annie bought a formal wear from the boutique

Annie will be doing her training
until March next year at NTV 7
Maybe I can meet her at One U ??
But I will have to meet my BfF Jocelyn baby first ~
Promised her first!

After yumcha,
tonight there will be a dinner at the clubhouse,
then I will go to Dataran there countdown with friends~

Till then ,
today is a happy day!
Cherry Cherry Bloom Bloom at Ying's Territory!
Happy New Year Everyone!!

p/s:ooo....looks like i change my plans?I am going countdown lo~

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