Monday, December 14, 2009


I thought I could finally sleep till noon
My stupid brother woke me up at 8 am
He said he heard dad wanted to go swimming this morning
I told him dad canceled his plans yesterday
This brother just spoilt my sweet morning dream
Never mind
Because dad say it is not necessary for me
to wake early
He is going to the wet market to do some shopping
and he is in charge of the dinner tonight
Thanks dad~
You are great!
Though sometimes u can be so mean~

From Left to Right : Mahasuisui & My BiBi

Just visited my mum's Pet Society Pet , Mahasuisui

Lolx she is starving

Give her a couple of apples

Mum will coming back before xmas eve

She will joining our xmas celebration at Genting this year


Caral is joining us too

Along with two guys

and my bro

Makes 5 of us

Till Then ,

Now i am gonna make myself lunch!


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