Friday, December 11, 2009


Today morning msn with my gor JH
Then he want me accompany him lunch
at first I strongly refuse
but since he is my gor
I say Ok la....

We went to Big A
He had his rice
and I had my fries

After that we went to sing K
Actually i have been to Big A many times
but didn't have time to sing K
finally can go with JH
Hangout for bout 3 hours something
Then fetch gor back to his house
Happily drove back to my home
And dad is waiting at the front door for me
Another terrific day for me~
This is my gor=JH
(Just my gor....nothing special...dont think too much...hehe)


  1. This two fellow....he is really my brother only ~~~~
    ah kam ar : go grab someone at Utar or Ktar...hehe