Tuesday, December 1, 2009


When you are here
You are in my territory
Recently I am in love with Taylor Swift's Song
Being carried away by every one of her songs

Doing nothing
Lying like a dead fish on the sofa
This is what I can do when i am not cooking
when i had finish my laundry
when i had nothing to do
I am a dead fish man!

Stewing the chicken soup
I keep reminding to avoid using those flavouring cubes
The fad is to eat so called good food
and I am a so called family care taker
to cook such so called meals


THough everyday looks the same but i think i am doing quite well...
I didnt mean it when i say i am boring
Because I appreciate the sedantary life i am having now...

The impact of <2012>is strong,
I dont care if it is real or not,
I appreciate life and what i have...always!
I think the real prob is the lacking of human sincerity and what we called humanity,
People are walking at their own pace and competing among themselves....
I am sick of these....
Why showing off ?
Why bragging?
Why wasting?
Why neglecting?
Why hating?
Why fighting?
Why hurting each other?

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