Sunday, December 13, 2009


Today I wake up late

Almost 10.30am

Shit man!

I missed my alarm AGAIN!!

Then I realised I am not the laziest pig

when i found out that my bro is still sleeping!

Ran to the bathroom

Took a bath

Flew down the staircase

The coast is cleared

Dad said we are the Yew Piggies

Sleep early and wake up late....

Then we went to "Kam Ying" for our brunch

Too crowded there

Quite stuffy

But the food was really nice

The first time I have been there

since I returned to Kampar

Today John buy away Pkok from me

from FB Friends For Sale

Quite frusirated

because i am saving my money to buy a friend

And I use almost the money to buy him back

Now I think I will left Pkok to your side

If u like him so much

Broke jor!

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