Sunday, December 20, 2009


Christmas is around the corner
I just can't wait

Today I went to do some facial treatment with my mummy
Sounds impossible
This is really my first time doing facial
And my mummy is the one who actually drags me to the beauty saloon
The treatment took about 2 hours time

Oh My!
I dozed off happily
Of course sometimes I was being awaked
because I feel different kind of sensation on my face

It is a warm towel;
It is icy cool creamy stuff
flattening all over your face

My poor skin!!!

It is a nice experience
I will have to continue my treatment next month
If I have time
Mum had sign up for a package.

Recently I kinda desperate for leggings
And I buy one today
It is a long one
After 20 % discount RM30++
Quite a reasonable price
My mummy pay for it

Another day full with laughter^^

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