Monday, October 5, 2009

4 days and 3 nite Camping ^^

I am feeling exhausted but fun

Hehehe....finally can write my bloggie after camping !

What am doing now?See for yourself !

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It had been an exciting camping .

It is our "Amali Luar Bilik Darjah"for PJ classes starting from 1st October till 4th October 2009 .

At first we arrived at Keda Resort , Bendang Man , Sik camp site and start setting our camps.Same , I just keep sweating but we manage to set our A- Tent up,thanks to Husnah , Intan , Sarah , Ann and a few of other members from the next group . Luckily
the tent we set was
safe from the leaking of the rain . Thank God !

There are a series of activities awaiting us such as orienteering , camp management , abseiling , river crossing , monkey crawl and knot test .

I like abseiling the most . Strangely i was not afraid of the heights and i dint even scream . Huh !! WhY ~? Hanging high up the hills and what i think is to get down on land as fast as i could . It is really hard to imagine to do abseiling without hand gloves .

What i afraid the most is river crossing where the was only a rope for your feet to stand on while a nother rope hanging above your head . I grabbed that rope so tight because i dont want to fall into the river and taste the water !!When i was on the half way , i felt like giving up as i start losing my balance and my hands were exhausted . But my heart tell me that i must go on .....Yeah~I SUCCEEDED!! pHeW,so closed ! Sense of victorious glory rushed with my adreline ~

I was so glad that i didint come across any of those slimy leeches ~
We were ask to hunt for clues to get to the next station which i fnd very boring .
However , jungle trekking was nice because i like to hear the birds chirping.
Yet,this forest seemed to have been performing logging and species of flora and fauna were limited .

Surprisingly I didnt get hurt when i did all those activities . Haiz , how can i sprained my ankle in front of the tent . "
FISH " jor lo!! oooOo....left out something . I also had some scratches during abseiling but that was just a tiny miny injury ~

There is no photo for those activities mentioned above because i didn bring my hp along~You know how clumsy i can's why!

When Ann was sent to hospital . I was like OMG ! Hope she is fine....When the time I thought

I was all alone , my friends acompany me.....I feel much better after that...

Photo Sharing


Preparing for the camp at institute at the day before at Pak Yah 's storeroom....
Loading stuff to the lorry....BiBi and Zhen Hui

Scratches during abseiling....

P/S : I hope Joanne is with me and be able to share my joy during the camp .

Ann , hope you recover soon . Want to meet at class very soon !!

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