Saturday, September 19, 2009

A sense of Happiness

( This is gonna be the most simplest blog in my blog~)

Smile~ Eugyne~ Smile~

I am happy to be home~
This is the home once i hate so much~
I am grateful to have been born in this family~
So much had happened recently that had change my way of thinking~
Is it good or bad i would not like to know~
and i didnt even care if i have to life a loner life later~
It is because i am who i am~

It is because it is Raya holiday now and
I get to have a view of my friends blog~
One word " CooL~ "

Yeah, they are having fun and living happily,
enjoying their colouful life as a college and U student...
of course they have assignments and exams same like me~
but , we are so different~

Sometimes i am doubtful ,
am i suitable to be a teacher?
Is being a teacher still my passion now?
What am I holding on now ?

Just feel like a turtle being washed on shore by waves,
Suppose i am somewhere in Australia studying my desire course,
yet i am stuck in a teachers mould shell....
I have to follow my dad's decision ,
let my brother carry on with my dad's $$ business....
He is going to go to the most prestigious Uni...
that is what my dad says~

So be it~
I think i am quite satisfy with my life right now~
at least i still have some friends who really understands me....
I am contented....

Is it wrong to hope there are sincere and considerate person in mylife?
Why money matters is such an important factor in one's life....
Maybe i will understands whrn time passes by~

If it is my destiny to be different ,
I hope i am the most different among all .....
My hopes is I can be who i am ,
though situation always turn against me...
people starts whispering behind me ,
they say something I didnt understand ,
stop talking when i walked passed them ,
laughing at me when i failed ,
emotionless when i succeeded......

Enough there...
Cease all those ....
I am gonna stop my crap now...
Just give me the strength to go on....

( Dont think i am depressed . If u think so then u are wrong~Tomorrow i am going to Tg Tualang to have a taste of those fresh sHriMp again~YES!!!)

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