Saturday, August 1, 2009

Swimming Trip @ PJ 2

Today I wake up early in the morning to have a nice swim at PJ 2 ,

PJ here doesn't means Petaling Jaya ,

It is actually Pekan Jitra ....

Don't misunderstood~

I didn't believe that the swimming pool is allocated near an Islamic Cemetry....

I wonder how a swimming pool will be built there.

However , Zhen Hui is right !

Luckily , the cemetry is surrounded by walls so we didint get to see those "batu nisan"s~


Esther's swimsuit was so beautiful,

it seems fit on her~

I went for the convensional type of swimsuit....(I have my own reasons .....)

The pool was better than we imagine,

we even decide to go there again tomorrow~
Mini mushroom fountain , go under it and you will get a soothing massage...strong water!
A Koi Fish Tiles beneath the pool...relaxing feeling

swimming starting 9.30am onwards till 12.00pm session....cheese^^

Finally I realised that my favourite sport is swimming!
I thought I dislike exercise but it wasn' true....
I doesnt hate swimming....
I won't sweat like a monster at least~
So glad that I can swim ,
in waters , weight doesn't seems like a burden to me !

P/S : I am....tired....

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  1. Eh ? Where's the picture of you swimming ?