Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today i perm my hair again ....it's Zig Zag....RM189 gone like that....walao
funny picture...waiting to get my hair done....

Oooo...today i am going to continue with my journey of delicacies in Kampar.

I discovered that ever since i come back to Kampar I just keep eating
It a good sign of getting healthly and a bad sign of the increase of my GI intake .

Angel : Bad girL Ying Ying !You should be aware of that...

Devil : You should relax and go on...you deserve it!

Angel : You should be more health conscious!

Devil : You think you can eat all this in Kedah ? Especially PORK~!

Angel : ..........

( Devil wins ! )

Today ,

the bird wakes me up early in the morning ,
that's my dad's beloved pet .

I shouldn't be mad at a bird....

It had grown bigger or FATTER ?

"Bird!Go diet!"

(speaking to myself....in fact i am the one who should be dieting)

That BIRD ~!!

In the afternoon,i am in the middle of doing my assignments ....

Suddenly i think of having some omelette...

I run to the fridge to take a couple of eggs and make myself one~SPLENDID

At night,

dad bring us to "Big A Kopitiam"to have a steak.

This is the first time i have been there .

I like the interior and the music .

Next time , I hope i can treat my friends there .

A nice place for gathering indeed.

You have my words !

I ordered mushroom chicken chop ,

bro's is chicken chop special whereas dad's lamb chop .

Bro and I ordered “三色奶茶”,

a three layered tea ...

kinda have some minty flavour huh?

I like it....

Interior of Big A....sense of combination of kopitiam and elegance~
triple delights~superb...mamamia~

triple layer milk tea ( strongly recommended by me~!)


i have to be considerate enough,

maybe i have to tell my dad that we can stay at home and i will cook tomorrow?

Even though i am not the one who pay for the meals these few days,

but it is sure something i still can't afford .....

By the way ,

I would like to say something ,

: "Thanks Daddy~Love you"

P/s : Mum is still studying....wish here all the best and GAMBATEH in her studies~


  1. wa..ur parent really vry love u
    u wan wat,they juz give u
    ying ying ar...
    y u alway change ur hair style one?
    y dun wait hair be longer n them curly it ma^^

  2. hehe...i oways dun hav the patience to keep my hair long....u keep the long hair for me la...chen ling style!kaka~