Saturday, July 18, 2009

A token of my happiness

Today my mood is nostalgic and tired~!!

let's see.....whose foot are these....? Big Foot?

I went back to Langkawi with Pkok,my bibi few days ago.

There,i get to cook with him for the first time although the food turn out to be xxxxxxxx.....
We went to the supermarket to do some shopping and buy some ingredients for sphagetti.

Of course,we prefer white sauce than the red ones~
The sphagetti is really nice compare to the chinese dishes that i cook at the previous,
guess i have to sharpen my cooking skills huh?
inside the cable car.....a bit scare of the heights...

Then we went to the cable car,have a little walk there with those gentle loving breezes kissing our faces . We were actually 701 meters above sea level!!Yet,I regretted i didn't bring along my sport shoes . I had a dreadful time dragging my leg with heels.......(feel like crying....)

Besides,we walked on the sandy beach bare - footed .
Strange , i think i hate to walk on sand without wearing shoes.........haha.never mind!!
As we strolled along the beach,we felt the sand and the sea water flowing ,
the sea breeze taste salty...
For awhile we started collecting sea shells and bibi's mum joined us too.
It was not too long when we had to travel back home for dinner .
I had a hard time clearing the sands off my jeans and shoes .
Plus , i am happy i can get back and have a warm bath........yipeee!!

It was really enjoyable at Langkawi .
I would like to thank bibi's family for their hospitality .
I am being treated as a part of their family , (deep breath)
Despite the tiredness , i am glad i can be here .
Now , I am back at my hostel in my college , recalling those unforgetable memories ,
I know that happiness can't be following me always .
But at least I can treasure these moments ,
embracing them with my heart .
Escaping from the hectic life is what i am yearning for ,
cheers for it for i have achieve it even though it is just 3 days .

Well ,
I really want to stay happy.
And ,
To the special person,
I Love You .

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