Friday, July 31, 2009

I am gonna be busy till the end of next month...

Today my mood is joyful but sleepy!!!

Please Take Care of My Hamster When I Am Not Around~Thanks!!

Just come back from Chi-Tsu Vegetarian Food Fair today.
I went there with Hong , Esther and Elaine.
The food was really nice .
But we had to wait for the van for an hour to fetch us back to hostel .
Damn it !

There it goes~
I am feeling some sort of bad intuition ,
maybe it might due to the releasings of assignments next week...
I don't know why.

But ,
I am sure they certainly are coming to me.
Assignments ,
I likely assumed that they are my all time nightmare .

So ,
by the time i am doing my assignments ,
I think i will be missing all the entertainments i can get .
Such as , Face-booking the whole day .
Somehow i consider half a facebook addict.
God , please bless me !

Bed oh bed ,
i will sure be missing you too ,
It is cosy and sweet to sleep early and wake up early...

Next week onwards ,
I don't think i will be able to do that again ....
Maybe these sedentary life is killing me,
i need to to something to stay alive!!

And lastly ,
I won't know when i will be posting bloggies to my blog diary....

A stack of papers beside my laptop...the whole thing!!!

As for the bahasa Malaysia assignment ,
i consider it as a failure ,
sure i will try my best to accomplish it~
Hope it won't seems too bad!

Another thing ,
If you are wondering why i am using english today ,
it is mainly because i am too lazy to type in Chinese ( busy!!!)
Can't waiting for tomorrow because I am going to swim with Esther...
Can't wait to jump into the pool and have a nice swim...

that is what I called EXERCISE !!!!

P/S :
Oops....i forget tomorrow I still have a day break~That means...ANOTHER PoST!!YES!!

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