Saturday, February 28, 2009

jUst aN0ther arTicle fR0m me

So lovely,
its weekend again....
I wished i could have a taste of it again...
Tomorrow i had to get back on my tight schedule of studying and physical education classes.
I am too lazy wake up.
My bed is way too cozy....
I dont wanna leave my bed and my teddy!!!

It was a packed weekend for me,
as i was loaded with tonnes of assignments of different subjects.
Everyone was busy enough.
I slept late at night these two days
(My mum would nag at me if she knew it~I SWEAR~!!!!)

This is really a bad habit.
I should be drinking plenty of water
and sleep earlier.
But,i didn't!

popped out of my face,
make me feeling that i am a rain deer.
here i am~
Your missing rain deer at the North Pole!!!

at me,
my skin so dry,
lack of moisture,
it's CRACKING....

A rain at today's afternoon was really great,
i had missed the rain badly,
i could feel the yearning of the soil and those greeneries for the rain.
The rain quenched their thirst,
moisturising the land.

I just keep repeating doing the same thing everyday,
chinese...chinese....chinese.....words twisting in my head...

I had learn a lot from last year times,
encountering BOMBS of assignments at the same time.....
I just have to stay calm and try to relax if possible...

You can do it~!


  1. Sometimes I like raining, sometimes not. I could smell the rain, the city... I saw rainbow on last week too. I guess most of the Singaporean also saw the beautiful rainbow.

    Wish you a nice day ahead!

    努力することができます! =)

  2. Rainbow is a sign of good luck to me~hehe^^

  3. Today I saw rainbow again! I will post it at my blog later and share my good luck with you okie? =)