Friday, February 13, 2009


Why life gets so different ever since i come here?
I had lost my hearty laugh....
even though i am happy,
but it wont last long!
I had lost my hapiness.....

I want to be remembered as
the gurl who always smile even though her heart is broken
the one who can brighten your day
even if
she can't brighten her own...

How would i achieve my dreams as i am not good at anything.....
just tell me.....
whether this is the right place for me.......
I think i am stuck in the middle of no where........
I am tired of struggling,crying and keeping quiet........

I think i have changed,
change for the worst.
My worst nightmare is to be with all my friends that are better than me.
Look at me?
What am i in the class?
Will anyone notice me?
Will anyone stands for me?

I really feel hopeless.
Where's my confidence?
Ever since i come here!

If I just can hold on longer....................

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